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Status of Implementation[edit]

i) Passed Law

ii) Draft: All / Some Articles

iii) No Draft

Currently there are no drafts of any articles. (Update: 2/5/2020)

Timescales of Implementation[edit]

Governmental Documentation[edit]

Summary of Developments[edit]

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16/03/2020: "Consultation Document 1" "Measures to adapt the exceptions and limitations to the digital and cross-border environment Art. 3-7" has been shared by the Ministry of Culture with stakeholders to get their views on Articles 3-7 (Translated English version). Deadline for responses is 31/7/2020.

26/06/2020: Public consultation on implementation of the DSM Directive published by the Ministry of Culture. Three consultation documents concerning arts. 8-12 (no 2), 13-17 (no 3) and 18-23 (no 4) are available on the Ministry’s website. Consultation open till 31 July 2020.


(e.g. Amend existing laws, repeal entirely existing law etc.)

Media Coverage[edit]

Academic Articles etc[edit]

Presentation given by Ana Lazarova (Digital Republic) at a Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management webinar (2/12/2020) on the status of implementation in Bulgaria.