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Republic of Croatia | Republika Hrvatska

Status of Implementation[edit]

i) Passed Law

ii) Draft: All / Some Articles

iii) No Draft

Currently there are no drafts of any articles. (Update: 2/5/2020)

Timescales of Implementation[edit]

A draft transposition is expected to be submitted to parliament after summer 2020, with the aim being that the new law is published in the state gazette by January 2021.

Governmental Documentation[edit]

A public consultation on the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive has been announced with a closing data of 17/5/2020.

17 May 2020: Hrvatsko novinarsko društvo: HND protiv Prijedloga zakona o autorskim pravima: Autori u radnom odnosu zauvijek gube svoja autorska prava Croatian Journalists’ Association’s comment on the Draft Bill, including a proposal to create a special council to address the issue of “appropriate share of remuneration” for journalists

Summary of Developments[edit]

(e.g. Outline general developments finishing with Day/Month/Year.)


(e.g. Amend existing laws, repeal entirely existing law etc.)

Media Coverage[edit]

Direktiva o autorskim pravima na jedinstvenom digitalnom tržištu. Novi Informator.Maja Bilić Paulić. 22/7/2019

Academic Articles[edit]