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Status of Implementation[edit]

i) Passed Law

ii) Draft: All / Some Articles

iii) No Draft

Currently there are no drafts of any articles. (Update: 1/5/2020)

Timescales of Implementation[edit]

The first workshop regarding implementation of the new directive was held on 10th May 2019 and between then and the 5th of December 2019 a further nine hearings were held. Currently the Finnish government is working towards a draft bill for public consultation in summer of 2020.

Governmental Documentation[edit]

May 2019: The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture website lists ongoing hearings and documentation concerning the implementation of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market Directive.

Summary of Developments[edit]

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15/4/2019: A joint statement on the directive was issued by the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Italy and Finland on the day the directive was approved by the Council of the European Union.

The working group overseeing the implementation of the directive comprises of Viveca Still, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Copyright Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Tero Huttunen, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Education and Culture, Pekka Pulkkinen, Ministry of Justice, Minna Aalto-Setälä, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Päivi-Maria Virta, Ministry of Transport and Communications.


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