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Status of Implementation[edit]

i) Passed Law

ii) Draft: All / Some Articles

iii) No Draft

Timescales of Implementation[edit]

Governmental Documentation[edit]

On 14/8/2019 the National Intellectual Property Office of Hungary issued a notice stating its intention to hold stakeholder dialogue in the autumn.

The consultation organised were organised on the following topics: TDM exceptions; exception for use of works in digital and cross-border teaching activities; out-of-commerce works; neighbouring right for press publishers; liability of OCSSPs ; and other provisions governing the relationships between right holders and users (arts. 14, 16, 18 -23); as well as the CabSat Directive.

Stakeholder working groups met six times during November and December 2019.(2/3/2020)

At the end of February the National Intellectual Property Office arranged a two day workshop on the transposition of the DSM and SatCab Directives with national experts from (1) Czech Republic, (2) Poland, (3) Romania, (4) Slovakia and (5) Slovenia. (2/3/2020)

8/5/2020: The National Intellectual Property Office of Hungary published a draft proposal to implement the DSM and SatCab Directives. The deadline for feedback is 8 June 2020.

Summary of Developments[edit]

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Media Coverage[edit]

Academic Articles[edit]

Dávid Ujhelyi, A third take on the Hungarian implementation of Art 5 of the CDSM Directive Kluwer Copyright Blog, 31 August 2020

Paul Keller, Hungary’s fast tracked implementation of Article 5 CDSM directive in response to the pandemic, Kluwer Copyright Blog, 23 June 2020

Peter Mezei, An update on the Hungarian implementation process of the CDSM Directive, Kluwer Copyright Blog, 22 June 2020