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Status of Implementation[edit]

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ii) Draft: All / Some Articles

iii) No Draft

Currently there are no drafts of any articles. (Update: 30/4/2020)

Timescales of Implementation[edit]

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Early March 2020 the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology invited interested stakeholders to submit their submission on implementation of the Directives 2019/790 and 2019/789. On the 11th March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic the government cancelled the consultation on the implementation of the new directive. Then on the 20th of March 2020 the Ministry reversed this decision and extended the deadline to 30 April 2020. Written submissions are to be sent to and will be posted on the Ministry’s website. (Update: 30/4/2020)

Governmental Documentation[edit]

Early March 2020: consultations and invitation to submit written opinions on Directives 2019/790 (Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market) and 2019/789 (amending Directive laying down rules on the exercise of copyright and related rights applicable to certain online transmissions of broadcasting organisations and retransmissions of television and radio programmes, amending Council Directive 93/83/EEC.)

11 March 2020: consultation cancelled

20 March 2020: deadline for written opinions extended to 30 April 2020 of extension to the deadline due to COVD-19 pandemic. (Update: 30/4/2020)

Summary of Developments[edit]

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) publishes on the 5/6/2020 stakeholders’ written submissions relating to copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market. (Update: 13/6/2020)


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